I’m Jodi Rabin. I started out as art director in 1998, switched to copywriting and have been working as a creative director for the last few years. I worked both for agencies as well as directly for brands. I’m currently available as a freelance copywriter, creative and illustrator.  

I combine creativity with common sense and I enjoy working for brands (and human beings) who practise what they preach. Humour, simplicity, and realism are important elements in everything I create.

Thanks to my easily-bored nature and relentless curiosity I taught myself many things, which is how I became a skilled hand letterer and illustrator. I have also mastered handmade printing techniques like linocut, screenprint and etching. Watch here.


Commercials, scripts, columns, manuals, presentations, online copy, review and optimalisation of webcontent.

My first language is Dutch; I have a good knowledge of English and a basic level of Hebrew und German. 

Ideas & Creative StrategyTranslation and implementation of brand strategies into corporate communications. Turning strategies into advertising concepts, products, and brand names.
Creative Direction
Guiding creative teams and securing the level of creative output. Translation of strategy into creative briefs. Leading reviews and brainstorms, providing guidance and instruction about advertising and the creative process.


“Jodi has the perfect mix of sharpness and kindness. A typical T-shaped pro: heavy weaponry in concept & copywriting and broad ranged on branding, digital, ideation. Did I mention she makes great minimalistic cartoons too? And most important she's in-the-know of what's on in the world, unlike many in the industry. She's got great humour and she's one of the guys before you can say 'welcome'.”
Nathalie Brähler
Head of Creative Business Development | Creative Business University

Jodi is, dat denk ik tenminste, één van de meest veelzijdige creatieven die ik ken. En dat wil toch wel iets zeggen, namelijk dat ze behoorlijk strategisch, best wel vormgeverig en echt wel tekstueel begaafd is. Maar dat is allemaal niet erg, want ze is ook heel erg fijn om mee te werken. Een oprechte aanrader dus. “
Edward Stolze
Strategist and owner Being There

At Hyper Island I have found Jodi’s contributions to be refreshing, inspiring and witty. That was also my finding when I briefly worked with her on an ideation session - long after the Digital Strategy course. At all times Jodi seems to be able to combine creativity with common sense and a drive to create relevance: what else is there to wish for in a strategic thinker?
Lizette Touber
Client Services Director at SuperHeroes


Sire Print campaign
ADCN Silver Lamp / Silver Eurobest

Spectacular Calvé Pindakaas 
Bronze Eurobest

Ola Tussendoortjesvergelijker
SAN Accent / Silver Esprix / IMC Award – Gold

HEMA Zorgverzekering
SAN Accent





Fast moving - Food Heineken /  Natusan / Hertog / Calvé / Mora Snacks / Unox / Robijn / Iglo / Conimex / De Kuijper / Distillers / Whole Earth / Coca Cola / Cup-a-Soup / Nutella / Ola / Dr. Pepper / Becel / ViFit / Lipton/ Croky / Lay’s / Innocent / Bertolli / Apetina / Becel

Fast moving – Non-food
KLM / Gazelle / TomTom / Omo / Robijn / Het Net / KPN / Tele2 / Netflix / Asics / Vaseline / Neutral / Demak’up / Lotus

Non-profit Nederland Schoon / SIRE / Max Havelaar / TU Delft / Hogeschool Saxion / ROC Friese Poort / Universiteit Maastricht / Gemeente Utrecht / Gemeente Amsterdam / Nederlandse Transplantatiestichting / Nierstichting / KvK

Financial & Insurance
ING / ABN Amro / Nationale Nederlanden / De Europeesche / CZ Zorgverzekeraars / Monuta

Retail &  Services
Marqt / Kruidvat / Albert Heijn /  3FM / ANWB / Kieskeurig / NUON / Essent / HEMA / Energiedirect.nl

Mercedes / Mitsubishi

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