SO2013  Watching together

The photo exhibition SO2013 (Selection of 2013) was being hosted by Club ADCN, the home base of Dutch advertising creatives. The organisers wanted to invite both creatives and photographers, usually considered two different species. It was our task to come up with an idea that would ‘bring them together’.

A few weeks before the exhibition, we invited 10 art directors and 10 photographers. We exclusively showed them the selected photos on a computer screen. While they were watching, their eye movement was being registered by eye-tracking software.

Every art-director and photographer ‘produced’ a unique graphical pattern pattern by watching the photo’s. These patterns were layered on top of the original photo’s and became a work of art by themselves. We used these art prints for an invitation and a small exhibition within the big SO2013 exhibition, called ‘Watching Together’.

We also analysed several photos and discovered significant differences and similarities between the art directors and photographers. An overview of these discoveries was also shown in the exhibition.

Concept: Jodi Rabin & David de Winter
Art Direction: David de Winter
Copy: Jodi Rabin
Client: PANL & ADCN

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