Saxion University  
Get ready for a smart world

At Saxion University, students are being prepared for a world in which technological innovations take place in quick succession. This USP needed to be transformed into a brand strategy and social campaign.

The new strategy ‘Get ready for a smart world’ was the starting point for a social campaign. With the help of prank videos, this campaign shows how technology is intertwined with all aspects of life (and that’s why it should be an integral part of your studies too).

The videos created a lot of buzz and significantly improved the brand awareness of Saxion University.

Creative Director: Jodi Rabin
Strategy: Jodi Rabin
Concept: Kim van Dongen, Coert Buiting, Stella Geurtsen, Jodi Rabin
Art-direction: David de Winter
Agency: Youngworks
Client: Hogeschool Saxion
Director: Teddy Cherim
Production: Doogle

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